HoldCY Frequently Asked Questions

What type of LEDs are in your headlights?2019-07-25T16:13:26+00:00

Our original LED Headlight Bulbs used Philips LEDs. You can find these bulbs in limited stock on our Amazon. All HoldCY LED Headlight Bulbs currently carried on our website have been upgraded to CREE LEDs for a brighter and more stable light.

Do HoldCY bulbs have a warranty?2019-07-25T16:09:33+00:00

Yes. All HoldCY LED products come with a 1-year limited warranty on manufacturer defects.

How quickly will my products arrive?2019-07-25T16:10:04+00:00

Every order is a little different, but with Amazons two-day shipping being the gold standard nowadays, we strive to have you order on your doorstep in about 2 days.

How much does shipping cost?2019-07-25T16:10:25+00:00

All shipping to the United States, Canada, and Mexico is free.