More than ever before drivers are switching to LED headlights for their brightness, clarity, and efficiency. LED headlights maintain their brightness for thousands of hours but can sometimes be too bright. When LED headlights are too bright you could get in some trouble. Let’s get the facts straight on LED headlights and their legality including when they’re legal and when you might have problems.

Traffic Stop

When LED Headlights are Legal

When Your Local Jurisdiction Allows It

Your first step is to make sure LED headlights are allowable in your town or city. States and local jurisdictions have their own laws regarding LED headlights so any driver who wants LEDs must look up local laws to make sure they’re in the clear. A call to your local DMV is the quickest way to get answers.

When They Project the Correct Distance

Your LED headlights must meet certain thresholds like lighting the road 50 to 100 yards ahead of your vehicle. Unless your LED headlights are defective, they’ll be able to meet this threshold. Any further than 100 yards and your lights could be a hazard to approaching vehicles and illegal.

When LED Headlights Aren’t Legal

When They’re Aren’t Adjusted Correctly

Your headlights aren’t meant to illuminate the road ahead of you, not the driver ahead of you. LED headlights that aren’t adjusted correctly are a bane to both you and other drivers on the road. Anytime you install a new set of LED headlights take the time to adjust them to industry, local law, and vehicle standard. Information on correctly adjusting headlights is found in your owner’s manual.

When They’re Too Bright

Some LED headlights are meant for industrial use and don’t belong on the street. It’s important to get LED lights that’ll light the road like you need but you don’t blind other drivers. Most states have rules and regulations regarding allowable brightness which can be found online or through a call to your local DMV.

Getting Answers

Before anything else call your local DMV for rules regarding LED headlights in your area. More than likely LED headlights are legal in your area, but only if they’re under a certain brightness threshold and if they’re adjusted properly. LED headlights provide safe and well-let driving but you don’t want to be a hazard for others on the road.