LED Motorcycle Healights

The most important part of any motorcycle trip is safety. Bikers need the right riding equipment, the right safety gear, and for their bikes to keep them safe too. A motorcycle with dull or yellow headlights isn’t safe at all, which is why more bikers are switching to bright and clear LED headlights. Let’s figure out how to find the best LED headlights for motorcycles.

To Begin With

There is no truly ‘best’ LED headlight for motorcycles. The best LEDs for your ride depend on many factors so you have to do research for the best match. Here are some factors to consider before making your choice.


Price should always be a factor but not the only factor. Before you begin your shopping make a budget and look for the best overall value instead of the highest price. You’ll get what you pay for but that doesn’t automatically make the most expensive bulb the best. Instead of the most expensive aim for the best value but stay away from dirt-cheap bulbs.


LED headlights can last tens of thousands of hours but not if there’s something wrong with them. Always browse warranties to avoid losing out if your bulbs fizzle. If you’re deciding between two choose the one with the best warranty and most options for customer service.

Converter or Straight Plug

Make sure you know what type of headlights your motorcycle needs before buying. Traditionally motorcycles are manufactured for halogen bulbs, but recent models work with plug-and-play style LED headlights. If your motorcycle doesn’t have a simple plug-in option, you will need to purchase LED headlights with a converter like a driver or ballast.


Thousands of lumens look great on the shelf, but you don’t need the brightest bulb, you need the brightest bulb for your typical ride. Even riders on dark roads don’t need tens of thousands of lumens to light their way and LED headlights that are too bright may be illegal in your area. Talk to an LED headlight expert about your ride and riding style to match the power and light you need.

Motorcycle Recommendation

Looking for a great LED headlight for your motorcycle? Ask your manufacturer. Not every bike builder has a preference on brand or type, but many major brands have bulbs that work well for them. There’s always the chance a brand is getting money for recommending a certain light but give the nearest dealership a call and see if they can point you in the right direction.

The Best for Your Bike

There’s no one set of motorcycle LED headlights that are superior to the rest but there definitely ones that are the best for your ride. Balance a mix of price and quality, match the brightness to your needs, check for the right type, and reach out for help from your local dealership. Check out our selection of LED headlight bulbs to find the right bulb for your bike. Ride Safe!