What’s Better? LED vs HID Headlights

If you're tired of straining to see where you're going with wimpy halogen bulbs, it's time to step up to brighter and clearer headlights. When upgrading your headlights, you're presented with two primary options - LEDs and HIDs. LEDs and HIDs have unique pros and cons, so let find out what works and what [...]

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Are LED Headlights Legal?

More than ever before drivers are switching to LED headlights for their brightness, clarity, and efficiency. LED headlights maintain their brightness for thousands of hours but can sometimes be too bright. When LED headlights are too bright you could get in some trouble. Let’s get the facts straight on LED headlights and their legality [...]

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Do LED Headlights Need A Ballast?

If your puny halogen lights keep burning out or don’t give you the brightness or clarity you need, it’s time to make the move to LED headlights. LED headlights provide unsurpassed brightness and clarity, but most vehicles aren’t built to handle the unique power needs of LEDs. To get the right type of power [...]

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Best LED Headlight For Motorcycles

LED Motorcycle Healights The most important part of any motorcycle trip is safety. Bikers need the right riding equipment, the right safety gear, and for their bikes to keep them safe too. A motorcycle with dull or yellow headlights isn’t safe at all, which is why more bikers are switching to bright and [...]

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How Long Do LED Headlights Last?

More drivers are switching to LED headlights due to their brightness, clarity, and longevity. LED headlights are the kings of longevity, but how long do they actually last? Let’s learn factors in LED headlight lifetime and how long you can expect an average set of LED lights to last. [...]

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LED Headlight Conversion Problems

LED headlights are the sharpest, brightest, and longest-lasting bulbs on the market but have only been around for a few years. New technology can sometimes clash with old and that’s often the case with LED headlights and conversion problems. If you’re experiencing LED headlight issues like flickering lights or low power, you could have [...]

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LED Headlight – Fan vs No Fan

LED headlights are brighter, sharper, and last much longer than a traditional halogen bulb, making them an excellent choice to see where you’re going. If you’ve decided to switch out your traditional headlights for efficient LED headlights, you need to choose the right type. If you’re shopping for LED headlights now you’ve likely noticed [...]

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How To Fix Flickering LED Headlights

LED headlights have become much more popular over the last few years, in part because manufacturers have learned to fix the problems that plagued early LED headlights like flickering. Though flickering isn’t as prevalent as it was, it still happens and can still cause headaches. Let’s learn the main causes behind flickering LED headlights [...]

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How To Adjust LED Headlights

Adjusting LED Headlights If you’ve decided to switch your dull, low-energy headlights into powerful LED headlights you’ve taken a big step in seeing and driving better. Anyone with a little car knowledge can install LED headlights by themselves, but there’s no sense in installing LED headlights without a final adjustment to make sure [...]

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