Adjusting LED Headlights

If you’ve decided to switch your dull, low-energy headlights into powerful LED headlights you’ve taken a big step in seeing and driving better. Anyone with a little car knowledge can install LED headlights by themselves, but there’s no sense in installing LED headlights without a final adjustment to make sure they point in the right direction. Let’s learn exactly how to adjust LED headlights to get you where you’re going.

Step-by-Step Guide on Adjusting LED Headlights

You’ll Need

  • A tape measure

  • A blank vertical wall

  • 30 ft of flat surface

  • A screwdriver

  • Vehicle owner’s manual

  • Marking tape (Painter’s tape is easy to tear off)

Note: For the highest accuracy unload your vehicles of all items, fill your gas tank at least half full, and inflate your tires to optimal pressure.

Step 1: Park your vehicle a few inches from the wall. Bounce the vehicle up and down a few times to settle the shocks.

Step 2: Turn on your low-beam headlights. Mark the top of the beam on the wall with a horizontal piece of painters’ tape. Mark the center of each headlight with a vertical piece of tape. If you can see a division, mark the center of both headlights’ collective beam.

Step 3: Take out your owner’s manual and look up the required distance to back up for headlight adjustment. Most vehicles average 25 feet.

Step 4: Settle the vehicle by pushing it up and down again.

Step 5: Change out your headlights to LEDs. The LED instruction manual should have helpful advice on adjusting individual bulb types including proper alignment in the headlight casing.

Step 6: Turn your new headlights on.

Step 7: Most LED headlights are adjusted with a screw or twist. The LED instruction manual will tell you how to properly adjust the lights. You may have to assemble the headlight housing before adjusting depending on the headlights.

Step 8: Adjust the headlights until the top of the low beam aligns with your horizontal piece of tape. Continue adjusting to center the lights to the vertical splits. Not all lights allow for horizontal adjustment.

Step 9: If you haven’t already, reassemble your headlight assembly to factory standard.

Double-Checking: Get out your owners’ manual again and double-check standards on headlight aim. Your beam against the wall should match aiming and clearance directions of your owner’s manual.

Adjusting for the Best Aim

Adjusting your headlights takes precision and accuracy but isn’t difficult. Always double check your user’s manual on both the vehicle and LEDs to be sure you’re doing things up to spec. Centered, adjusted headlights give you the best vision and won’t blind fellow drivers.