LED headlights have become much more popular over the last few years, in part because manufacturers have learned to fix the problems that plagued early LED headlights like flickering. Though flickering isn’t as prevalent as it was, it still happens and can still cause headaches. Let’s learn the main causes behind flickering LED headlights and what you can do to fix them.

How to Fix Flickering LED Headlights

Poor Connection / End of Life

The problem could simply be a poor connection, or the bulb is at the end of the life. Before you try anything else try tightening the bulb in its housing or double-checking the different connections. Swap out a new light with the problem light to see if you have a defective bulb.

Stock Electrical Systems and LED Headlights

Most vehicles are built for traditional halogen bulbs and don’t have onboard computers that are able to handle the unique electrical needs of LED headlights. This will cause poor communication and flickering. If your LED headlights can’t get the right type of juice you will need to purchase warning capacitors, anti-flicker adapters, or another proper conversion device. Most LED headlights come with a conversion system but they’re not always enough. Anti-flicker adapters are normally the best solution if your driver or converter isn’t doing the best job.

Not Enough Power

Though most LED headlights come with adaptors and drivers that allow traditional electrical systems to deliver enough power, these systems can sometimes fail – causing flickering. Most of the time your LED headlights aren’t flickering but turning on and off very quickly due to insufficient power. Double-check that the driver is installed properly and doing its job – this will normally fix the issue. If not consider an anti-flicker adapter mentioned earlier.

Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights can also affect how your car’s computer delivers power to the headlights. If DRLs are affecting your LED headlights, you’ll need to install a wiring harness or other bypass. You can disable your DRLs but that’s not recommended.

Before You Bring It In

If you’ve tried everything but still can’t figure out the issue you may need to bring your vehicle to an expert. Before you bring it in though, double-check all your wiring, connections, and switches to be certain everything is both in the right place and connected the right way. Admitting an embarrassing mistake is much cheaper than a shop charge.

Most vehicles weren’t built to handle the unique power needs of LED headlight bulbs which can lead to flickering and a host of other issues. Make sure everything is connected the right way, be certain the proper wiring and conversions are in place and install any necessary after-market products like anti-flicker adapters if your lights aren’t getting the right juice. With these tips your headlights will shine clearly and brightly.