LED headlights are the sharpest, brightest, and longest-lasting bulbs on the market but have only been around for a few years. New technology can sometimes clash with old and that’s often the case with LED headlights and conversion problems.

If you’re experiencing LED headlight issues like flickering lights or low power, you could have a LED headlight conversion problem. Let’s learn what conversion problems are and what you can do to fix them.

LED Headlight Conversion Problems

What is a LED Headlight Conversion Problem?

Due to their unique power needs LED headlights can cause conversion problems. In other words LEDs may have trouble converting the vehicle’s stock power supply into enough or the right type of energy to power the headlights. It’s not that LED headlights need a lot of power, but they need it in a unique way. Most vehicles are manufactured for the power needs and output of halogen lights, not LED. When you experience flickering or dim LED headlights you normally have a power conversion problem.

Fixing a LED Headlight Conversion Problem

Most LED headlight conversion problems can be fixed with a retro fitting adapter, also known as a driver or LED ballast. The good news is that most LED headlight systems come with a driver or adapter to help make the proper conversion. The bad news is these conversion drivers don’t always function by themselves. If your lights didn’t come with a driver or adapter you will need to install that first for the right type of power.

In the case your headlight system came with a driver but still can’t properly convert power you’ll need to look into additional products like an anti-flicker adapter. When all else fails an anti-flicker adapter will keep your lights clear and bright.

Day Running Lights

Many vehicles operate day running lights (DRLs) that can cause issues with LED headlights. If you can’t figure out why your LED lights aren’t getting enough power or if they’re flickering, it could be the DRLs. The quick fix is to bypass your DRLS but that may be illegal or dangerous. Instead, install a wiring harness, decoder, or other bypass that will allow LED headlights to get the power required to perform without affecting your DRLs.

Bright and Shining

LED headlights can cause headaches with conversion problems but most of these are easily fixed to give you the headlights you deserve. If you have low-light or flickering LED headlights, double-check that all your connections are correct and turn to anti-flicker adapters if your lights and power don’t get along. There are usually problems when you mix old technology with new, but a little effort can keep your headlights bright and clear like LEDS should be.